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An interesting Novelty Class for The Tallest Weed at Aldbrough Show where the exhibits are all suspended in a straight line from the gallery railing at the Sports Hall where the Show is held. I have not seen this anywhere else and, this year, the nettle won.  The brick lines provide a convenient measuring yardstick!

Halifax Show – an interesting class designed for competing local Allotment Sites using shared resources from site members.  A bit like the DA exhibition stands that you see at the major Shows such as Harrogate, but on a smaller scale.

Halifax Show – the basket class included one exhibit composed entirely of various Thai vegetables.

Halifax Show – the cabbages may be cut to show the internal structure.  Closely-fitting layers with no gaps and air spaces are the aim and a red cabbage usually beats a green one.

Halifax Show – the cauliflowers are shown with the roots attached but washed.

Lettuce are also shown with the roots attached but they are displayed vertically in bikini vases containing water.

The winner of the Heaviest Onion class at Harrogate Show 2018.  Over 17lb in weight but still short of the record by more than 1lb.

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