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The following people are all qualified NVS judges. As well as having passed the national judge’s examination administered by the National Vegetable Society, they are also experienced vegetable growers and exhibitors themselves. The use of qualified NVS judges at all vegetable shows is recommended.

Keith Abel FNVS

Peter Booker

Adrian Horner

Paul Neve

Brian Potter

Yvonne Stone FNVS

A full list of qualified NVS judges and lecturers can be obtained by contacting the NVS National Secretary, Fiona Shenfield at


In an effort to promote and improve consistency throughout the NVS, as far as judging stationery is concerned, NVS has produced a set of PDF versions of each document that you may wish to download, print off and use for your local shows.

You are still able to purchase the existing pre-printed, hard copy versions from the NVS or via your local branch, but these PDF versions provide you with an alternative official and, maybe, more convenient option.

Below are links to six items of NVS Judges’ Stationery that you may wish to use. Please ensure that you select Landscape and Colour mode when printing.

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