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What’s Happening ?  

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022


On Monday 26th September there were three ‘In-House’ presentations given by Sue Rowe on Fertilisers, followed by Keith Abel on Preparing produce for Show, followed by Paul Neve on What the Judge looks for. With our forthcoming Annual DA Show in mind, it was deemed an appropriate opportunity to try and encourage new or novice growers to enter our Show this year, if only to have a go within the specific novice classes. Time will tell if we were successful!

Some interesting tips from all speakers were given. Sue has a Diploma in Horticulture and her presentation on Fertilisers was very detailed. I had not realised that the complete atomic bond structure of chlorophyll was not identified until 1967! Her tip about weighing a personal handful of solid fertiliser once as a rough guide to applying given weights fertilisers in the absence of a set of scales for every occasion that you need them, I found quite useful. Similarly, her visual description of how to recognise the difference between a plant’s iron deficiency (symptoms affect new growth first) and a magnesium deficiency (symptoms affect older leaves first).

Below is the hand-out sheet from Sue’s presentation on fertilisers, for those who were unable to attend the meeting. She also has a digital copy of her powerpoint presentation which is too large a file to upload here.

Keith demonstrated the correct tying of dressed onions using raffia and stressed the need to avoid marking their bases through careful handling and the use of padded display stands rather than sharp-edged cups or lids. Use black cloth to hide your supporting structures from view. When staging a set of onions, aim to place your best onion centre front and try to ensure that they all appear to be the same height when viewed in a line from the front.

Beetroot and carrots should be washed in plain water carefully with a sponge (horizontally around the roots rather than vertically up and down the roots) in order to avoid scratches. Careful and gentle use of toothbrushes and wooden skewers, as well as the wearing of rubber gloves, can also help to remove blemishes and any adhering soil particles in order to optimise appearance without damaging your produce.

Paul talked about the role of the judge, the importance of the show schedule wording and the guidelines that a judge was required to follow. He explained the basic qualities of vegetables that were assessed when judging and illustrated these points using some personal slides and items from his judge’s toolkit. He explained the differences between judging single classes, various types of collection, baskets, flower and vegetable combinations and some of the pitfalls associated with the dreaded NAS card.


Our next event is the Annual DA Show to be held at Cherry Lane Garden Centre, Beverley on Sunday 2nd October. Staging of exhibits is from 9am until 11am when judging commences. The Show opens to the public at 1.30pm with prize presentation at 3pm. The Show closes at 3.30pm to allow for dismantling of exhibits and staging ahead of the 4pm deadline venue closure.

Please come and support the Show and make some entries if at all possible. There are a number of classes specifically aimed at novice or new growers so please have a go if this is your first time. The garden centre has a cafe and is well-stocked with plants, seeds and many of the fertilisers that Sue talked about so why not come along for a day out and stock up before the prices go up, even if you can’t stage any entries?

The Show Schedule can be viewed and downloaded from here.


Our next monthly meeting will be held on Monday 31st October 2022 at Beverley Conservative Club commencing 7.30pm. Our previous speaker is now unable to attend but Keith has secured the services of Ian Sutherland as a replacement to talk about Growing Dahlias.


A Committee Meeting was held in the cafe at Cherry Lane Garden Centre, Beverley on Tuesday 31st May 2022 commencing 1030am. The focus of this meeting was to discuss our October DA Show plans and our programme of events for the remainder of 2022.

We now have events and speakers in place for September, October and November 2022. It was decided to discontinue with the provision of buffets at our meetings apart from the AGM 2023.


The metaldehyde slug pellets ban comes into force in the UK as from March 31st 2022. It is therefore illegal for gardeners to use pellets containing this organic compound.

Professional and home gardeners must now turn to more environmentally friendly and humane methods for how to get rid of slugs in the garden.


What you are wondering in September

Will the extreme weather conditions this year be repeated in 2023 and will Show dates and related events have to be reviewed in light of continuing climate change?

Did I go to Harrogate Autumn Show this year and have the parking and traffic issues of 2021 around the new site of Newby Hall been improved?

Will I try and stockpile as much peat as possible ahead of the proposed ban on peat sales in 2024?

Will Covid rear its ugly head again as Winter approaches?


The NVS are delighted to announce that our partners DT Brown and Marshalls are looking for volunteers from our NVS members, who would like to take part in seed trials around the country.

The NVS are delighted to announce that our partners DT Brown and Marshalls are looking for volunteers from our NVS members, who would like to take part in seed trials around the country.

This is NOT for show veg at all, but for every day veg growing and may contain seed such as beetroot, salad crops etc that you would normally grow throughout the Spring and Summer in your garden.

To that end, the NVS is looking for approximately 20 enthusiastic veg growers who would like to join in.  

You would be sent free packets of seeds to grow along with a questionnaire for you to take notes and where possible and take a few photos of your results,  from germination through to harvest and thus provide some of your valuable feedback (good or bad) to our partners. 

If you would like to take part then email or phone our Sponsorship Trustee Gareth Cameron  on   ( Tel 07935 117 397)     or our Chair, Sandra Hall  on  ( Tel 07917 690 292).

We look forward to hearing from you so that we can start you off with this exciting venture.


I have updated the 2022/23 Programme of Events. You can see it here.


Please note that the car parking arrangements at BCC have changed. EYDA members and guests are now able to park on the premises for FREE provided that they sign in with their vehicle registration as soon as they enter the Club’s entrance door. There is a wall-mounted device into which you type your registration number but please wait for a confirmation sign to light up on the screen otherwise you could receive a fine for illegal parking from the company that operates the car park. Further details can be seen here.


In view of the national Coronavirus rule relaxations announced I have outlined the principal changes below and have posted a few photos to show the current internal seating plan.

I have also updated the car parking arrangements which can be seen here.

The Music Room as viewed from the front entrance door, showing the new decor and seating/table arrangement.

The pool table floats on a wheeled trolley base and can be moved to the side of the stage in order to leave the room clear.

The Music Room and Committee Room (in the background) as viewed from the stage area, showing the new decor and seating/table arrangement.

Gaining front door entrance to the Club using a numerical password no longer applies. BCC members have been provided with individual cards which can be scanned to open the internal entrance door automatically. For our meetings, the Club Manager has agreed to keep this door unlocked between 7pm and 8pm to allow us to enter unhindered. Exit from the premises at the end of the evening will be gained by pressing the green electronic release door button only. Do not attempt to push the door open manually.

There are two hand sanitiser stations available, one near the front entrance and the other in the corridor leading to the toilets. There are no house rules regarding the wearing of face coverings and maintaining fixed social distancing but, given the nature of this environment, it is recommended that you practise common sense in connection with both of these behaviours.

Bar service, rather than table service, will now be available. Access to the Snooker Room is not allowed unless you have a BCC member’s card to scan the entrance door from the corridor.

Of course, the rules may change over time but this is the current information available. Those of you with Facebook accounts can also find the relevant BCC page which may show any further rule updates.


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