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What’s Happening ?  

Last Updated: Tuesday 16th November 2021

An excellent first Zoom meeting on growing parsnips presented by Simon Smith current national champion. I noted at least 85 participants from across the whole of UK including at least three from EYDA. The next Zoom meeting covering carrots is scheduled for Tuesday 30 November. Please note that the cost for non-NVS members is £2; NVS members can attend for free.



National Vegetable Society has published the following information on its Facebook page.

Hi All – I hope everyone is coping with these winter nights. In order to help them fly by we have a programme of Zoom talks arranged for 2021/2022. Currently only the first one is on the events page but the rest will be put on asap in order that you can book tickets. To book a space please go to the particular event listed on the events page of the National Vegetable Society website that you wish to join and book a ticket. Further joining instructions on how to participate in the actual zoom event will be emailed at an appropriate time to your chosen email address.

For those unfamiliar with Zoom the following Youtube clip may prove helpful.

The talks planned so far are: 16th November 2021 Growing Exhibition Parsnips by Simon Smith, 30th November 2021 The Long and Short of Growing Carrots by Ian Stocks,14th December 2021 How to grow using Coir by Gareth Hopcroft, 4th January 2022 Growing vegetables the Irish Way by Raymond Higgins, 18th January 2022 An alternative to veg – Growing Dahlias by Ian Sutherland, 1st February 2022 Its Sow Simple by Emily Plumb, 15th February 2022 All about Marshalls Seeds by Malcolm Catlin, 1st March 2022 Who would judge vegetables by Jim Williams, 15th March 2022 To be confirmed, 29th March 2022 To be confirmed


On Monday 25th October 2021 David Allison presented his talk on Growing Fruit. Unfortunately, only 20 people attended and it would appear that the fear of Covid infection within an indoor setting is still a major concern for many of our members.

David provided a whistle stop tour of the latest fruit growing techniques highlighting the supermarkets’ requirements for perfect specimens which means that most commercial fruit are grown in soil-free conditions and under protection from the elements. He talked about the new varieties and the interspecific breeding of plums and apricots in particular. He remarked that new varieties are sometimes non-traditional in colour and flavour eg lemon-coloured blackberries tasting of pineapple, black raspberries and white strawberries.

He covered all aspects of growing fruit and what temperatures they grew best in. He also covered pests and diseases and how to control them given the minimal pesticides available to the amateur grower. He gave information on pruning fruit, in particular apples which can be pruned at varying times of the year depending on what you are trying to control.

One of the highlights of his talk was the fact that he had brought free samples! He had several trays of produce, apples in particular, to which we were invited to help ourselves. This provided a chance to try some of the lesser known apple varieties which are not in the shops. At the end, there were questions from the audience about pests and pruning which he had not covered during the talk and these were answered fully and knowledgeably.


Our last meeting of the year will be held on Monday 29th November 2021 at Beverley Conservative Club commencing 7.30pm when Sarah Owen-Hughes will give a presentation – What on Earth the secrets of soil.

Please note that there will be no meeting buffets provided for the rest of this year but we will review the situation at the January 2022 AGM.


What you are wondering in November

Was Newby Hall a suitable venue for the Harrogate Autumn Show and will they improve the routing and signposting for next year?

Should we ditch all Show trophies as suggested by John Smiles at our September meeting?

Will our audience numbers improve or is the threat of Covid still a major deterrent?


In view of the national Coronavirus rule relaxations announced for post-19 July, Sue and I visited the Club in order to familiarise ourselves with the latest arrangements for visitors and the relevant house rules that might apply to us. I have outlined the principal changes below and have posted a few photos to show the current internal seating plan.

I have also updated the car parking arrangements which can be seen here.

The Music Room as viewed from the front entrance door, showing the new decor and seating/table arrangement.

The pool table floats on a wheeled trolley base and can be moved to the side of the stage in order to leave the room clear.

The Music Room and Committee Room (in the background) as viewed from the stage area, showing the new decor and seating/table arrangement.

The key points to note are that, unless you are a BCC member or choose to park elsewhere, you are required to pay for parking using the machine near the road entrance. The prices appear to remain unchanged from 2020.

Gaining front door entrance to the Club using a numerical password no longer applies. BCC members have been provided with individual cards which can be scanned to open the internal entrance door automatically. For our meetings, the Club Manager has agreed to keep this door unlocked between 7pm and 8pm to allow us to enter unhindered. Exit from the premises at the end of the evening will be gained by pressing the green electronic release door button only. Do not attempt to push the door open manually.

All visitors are required to either scan the QR code to their left upon entering the premises using their smart phone NHS Covid App, or to register their presence by completing a paper form available at the bar.

There are two hand sanitiser stations available, one near the front entrance and the other in the corridor leading to the toilets. There are no house rules regarding the wearing of face coverings and maintaining fixed social distancing but, given the nature of this environment, it is recommended that you practise common sense in connection with both of these behaviours.

Bar service, rather than table service, will now be available. To avoid queuing congestion, you will be required to order your drinks at one position and pick up your order at a second position which will both be clearly marked. Access to the Snooker Room is not available unless you have a BCC member’s card to scan the entrance door from the corridor.

Of course, the rules may change over time but this is the current information available. Those of you with Facebook accounts can also find the relevant BCC page which may show any further rule update


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