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The following highlighted names provide links to other sites that may be of interest to the gardener, exhibitor or specialist grower alike. Click on a link to open in a new window.

Whilst every attempt will be made to keep these links up to date, no guarantees can be given that they will remain so.

Please note that no specific endorsement of products or services offered by third parties is either made or inferred.



Whetman Pinks

Walkers Nursery and Plant Centre

Walkers Bulbs

Viv Marsh Postal Plants

Van Meuwen

Style Roses

Spalding Plant and Bulb Company


Rose Cottage Plants

Riverside Bulbs

Ridgeview Nursery

Pococks Roses

Pictorial Meadows

Pheasant Acre Plants

Peter Beales Roses

Landlife Wildflowers

JRG Dahlias

John Peace Chrysanthemums

J Parker

Jacques Amand

Ivor Mace

Higgledy Garden

H W Hyde & Son

Halls Of Heddon

Gilbert’s Dahlias

Gee Tee Bulb Company

Fryer’s Roses

Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums

Eagle Sweet Peas


David Austin Roses

C & K Jones

James Cocker & Sons

Chrysanthemums Direct

Cants of Colchester

The Bulb Shop

Broadleigh Bulbs

Bloms Bulbs

Blackmore and Langdon

Avon Bulbs

Askwith Dahlias

Apuldram Roses


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