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Gill, Paul and Sue re-elected to serve for 2023-24

The Committee is elected at the AGM which is normally held at the end of January each year. The Committee comprises those officers named below. In addition, under NVS accounting rules, DAs are required to elect an official auditor.  Our existing auditor, Mr Blackmore of Hessle, was re-elected for the coming year. Two DA representatives also sit on the committee of NVS Northern Branch which meets usually four times a year.

Our Committee meetings are generally held as and when required, rather than on regular or fixed dates

Chair/Webmaster/Simply Veg Corres : Paul Neve FNVS

Email :

Vice Chair : Andrew Brett

General Secretary/Show Secretary : Gill Raven

Treasurer : Sue Rowe FNVS

Events Secretary/Branch Rep : Keith Abel FNVS

Committee Member/Branch Rep : Janet Abel FNVS

Committee Member : Peter Booker

Committee Member : Keith Bowser

Committee Member : Malcolm Harrison

Committee Member : Mike Smith

Committee Member : Sheila Smith

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